Bail Bonds

Search for bail bonds and surety bond services. Bail bondsman and agents, bail hotlines and bonding companies and services will help you make bail and get out of jail by providing bonds, cash bonds, and surety services 24 hours per day.

What are bail bonds?

A bail bond, sometimes called a surety bond, cash bond or bailbond, is money that's given or pledged to a court clerk in order to have someone released from jail pending his or her future legal proceedings. In most courts, an arrested person is entitled to get out of jail by depositing a reasonable bail bond amount.

When a person is arrested, he or she is usually placed in jail while awaiting trial. However, jails and prisons are overcrowded, and court hearings are often delayed for long periods of time. As a result, people are separated from their families under harsh and sometimes dangerous conditions.

Bail bonds provide some relief by allowing people to get out of jail and live at home until their court cases are resolved. Since most people don't have enough money for cash bail, many bail bond companies offer bonding services for an affordable fee.

What does a bail bond do?

The bondsman pledges his money to the court clerk and guarantees that the person will return to court in the future. That means the person can get out of jail and return home to be with family. A cash bond is the best way to have peace of mind. It's important to understand that bail bonding companies provide bonding services that help keep families together during difficult times. The surety bonds offered by bail companies can help your loved one get out of jail immediately.

People who were arrested and charged may have better outcomes if they can get out of jail immediately, especially if they have a previous court record. That's because courts believe people who have a bail bond will get out of jail and stay out of trouble in the future.

The bail agents at a bail bond company help ensure that a person returns to court, which increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome in court. Most bonding companies operate round-the-clock bail hotlines so that family members can help their loved ones get out of jail at any time of the day or night.

If a family member has a previous jail record or suffers from drug or alcohol problems, bailbonds can allow that person to get out of jail and receive drug treatment or alcohol counseling, which are often unavailable in jail. A bondsman with a 24-hour bail hotline can provide the critical help needed so your family member may have the chance for a better future.

Where can I find a bail bond in my area?

Bonding companies and bail services are available in communities everywhere. You'll find affordable bail bonds fast using this directory.