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Find the information you need with a people search

There are many reasons you may need to conduct a people search. These include finding an old classmate or family member, learning more about a potential employee or new neighbor, and discovering if someone has a criminal record.

Doing a people search can uncover a wealth of information about nearly everybody. However, it's important to do your homework first and choose the right kind of people search platform.

If you gather some basic information first, you can complete a people search within a few minutes. But if you haven't prepared well, then it could take a long time and end unsuccessfully.

Before beginning a people search, you should first learn as much as possible about the subject.

At a minimum, you'll need to have a full name to conduct a people search. However, you may need a lot more information if many others share the same name.

You'll want to know the individual's full name, approximate age, occupation, and last known residence. This information makes conducting a people search much easier.

Depending on the type of people search you’re conducting, written consent may be required. In some states, this is mandatory if you’re performing a background check for employment purposes.

That's because many states have laws requiring employers to obtain consent from the job applicant, inform the applicant of his or her rights, and provide a copy of the completed background check.

What does a people search do?

There are many different reasons for performing a people search. If you're trying to find a relative you've never met or an old friend who moved away a few years ago, the process may be very easy and enjoyable.

People searches can help you locate inmates

You can also run a people search to locate inmates in state or federal correctional facilities. Even though you can conduct an inmate search on your own, it may be difficult if you don't know where the inmate is incarcerated or whether they’ve been released.

People search services can also be used to monitor someone’s criminal history. They are frequently used by employers, especially if they intend to offer someone a job that requires a high-security clearance.

Also, people search agencies can help you search arrest records. Keep in mind that many under arrest haven’t necessarily been convicted, so you should be cautious about holding the information against them for employment purposes.

You can also conduct a people search to locate marriage and divorce records. These services can be useful if you don't know in which state a marriage or divorce took place.

People search services can be used to gather information on anyone in the U.S. If you’re interviewing a potential employee or screening someone you met on an online dating site, it’s a good idea to use these services to conduct a thorough background check.

If you’re an employer and discover recent arrest records for an employee or job applicant, you should question that person about the nature of the arrest, provided it’s legal to do so under your state’s laws.

You can also use a people search agency to find old birth records and death records. The office of vital records in every state stores information on everyone who was born or died in that jurisdiction since the early 1900s.

State laws often make it difficult to access vital records. You’ll probably need to provide proof of your relationship to the subject of your search. Fortunately, people search can help you navigate the laws on accessing vital records in any state.

The best option for people search

There are many ways to perform a people search. Some options yield inaccurate or incomplete information, so it's best to use the resources you'll find on this site.

If you’re feeling lucky and you have plenty of time, you could start your people search by directly contacting the appropriate government agencies.

If you’re trying to conduct an inmate search, you could contact the department of corrections in the state where you believe that inmate is incarcerated. If you’re trying to find a birth certificate or death certificate, you’ll need to contact the office of vital records in the state where the individual was born or died.

Of course, performing a people search on your own can be very time-consuming and tedious. You may also lack access to some information, so it’s better to work with a leading people search platform.

It’s important to choose the right platform. That means choosing a people search platform which offers you the most records to be searched. When it comes to accessibility and availability, this platform is your best choice. It offers access to all available public state records and federal records.

You’ll also want to know the average turnaround time is before receiving certified copies of public records. The faster the turnaround time, the better your people search will be.

Some platforms, like this one, are more efficient at quickly processing and returning results. By using the resources here, you'll quickly be able to learn the information you need, without waiting.