Willacy County Public Records

See Willacy County court, jail, prison, police department, sheriff, and district attorney public records, including arrest records, court records, criminal records, inmate records, jail records, police records, and warrant searches.

Willacy County Bail Bonds

Search for Willacy County TX bail bonds and search free public bail bonds records.

Connies Bail Bonds 646 West Hidalgo Ave Raymondville TX 78580 956-690-0070

El Padrino Bail Bonds 193 N 3rd St Raymondville TX 78580 956-690-4182

Martinez Bail Bonds 305 S 7th St Raymondville TX 78580 956-689-3402

Not Guilty Bail Bonds 480 W Hidalgo Ave Raymondville TX 78580 956-689-1525

A Fast Bail Bonds N Taylor Harlingen TX 78550 21.2 miles from Willacy County 956-687-4444

Willacy County Courts

See Willacy County TX courts and search free public court records.

Raymondville Justice of Peace Court 494 West Hidalgo Avenue Raymondville TX 78580 956-689-3381

Raymondville Municipal Court 523 West Hidalgo Avenue Raymondville TX 78580 956-689-6449

Willacy County Court 576 West Main Avenue Raymondville TX 78580 965-689-3393

Rio Hondo Justice of Peace Court 130 Colorado Avenue San Benito TX 78586 16.9 miles from Willacy County 956-748-4624

Rio Hondo Municipal Court 130 Colorado Avenue San Benito TX 78586 16.9 miles from Willacy County 956-748-2102

Willacy County District Attorneys

See Willacy County TX district attorneys and search free public district attorney records

Willacy County District Attorney 546 West Hidalgo Avenue Raymondville TX 78580 956-689-2164

Willacy County Jails & Prisons

See Willacy County TX Jails & Prisons and search free public jail and prison records.

Willacy County Sheriff's Department 1371 Industrial Drive Raymondville TX 78580 956-689-5576

Harlingen City Jail 1018 Fair Park Boulevard Harlingen TX 78550 20.8 miles from Willacy County 956-216-5400

Darrell B Hester Juvenile Justice Center PO Box 1690 San Benito TX 78586 24.5 miles from Willacy County 956-361-4603

Juvenile Justice Center Transistional 1711 North Bridge Avenue Weslaco TX 78599 32.5 miles from Willacy County 956-969-2574

Hidalgo County Detention Center 701 El Cibolo Road Edinburg TX 78541 34.1 miles from Willacy County 956-381-7900

Willacy County Police Departments

See Willacy County TX Police Departments and search free public police records.

Raymondville Police Department 523 West Hidalgo Avenue Raymondville TX 78580 956-689-2441

Rio Hondo Police Department 121 South Arroyo Boulevard Rio Hondo TX 78583 17.0 miles from Willacy County 956-748-3611

Primera Police Department Rte 1 Primera TX 78552 20.6 miles from Willacy County 956-423-9654

Harlingen Police Department 1102 South Commerce Street Harlingen TX 78550 21.6 miles from Willacy County 956-427-8787

Santa Rosa Police Department 413 Santa Cruz Avenue Santa Rosa TX 78593 21.7 miles from Willacy County 956-636-1050

Willacy County Sheriffs

See Willacy County TX Sheriffs and search free public sheriff records.

Willacy County Sheriff's Office 1371 Industrial Drive Raymondville TX 78580 956-689-5576

Cameron County Sheriff's Office 7300 Old Alice Road Olmito TX 78575 32.3 miles from Willacy County 956-554-6700

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office 711 West El Cibolo Road Edinburg TX 78541 35.0 miles from Willacy County 956-383-8114

Willacy County TX public records

Willacy County makes an abundance of public records available to the public. These records are easy to access. If you are performing a background check, you can find essential public records from the court system, police departments, sheriff's departments, and other government agencies.

You can access a wide range of Willacy County public records. Willacy County TX court records, arrest records, and other public records are useful for screening potential employees, learning more about a new person in your life, or performing genealogical research if you're looking for long-lost family members in Willacy County Texas.

Aside from criminal reports and prison or jail records, you will also be able to access public documents including home bankruptcy filings, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce filings.