Berks County Courts

See Berks County courts and search records to access free public court records, case searches and lookups, free criminal background checks and reports, arrest, bankruptcy, military, birth, marriage, death and other public vital records. Records can be obtained from criminal, civil, probate, family, traffic, state, federal, appeals, local, municipal, district and common courts.

Court Location Area
Reading Pennsylvania 19601
Birdsboro Pennsylvania 19508
Boyertown Pennsylvania 19512
Fleetwood Pennsylvania 19522
Hamburg Pennsylvania 19526
Leesport Pennsylvania 19533
Mohnton Pennsylvania 19540
Oley Pennsylvania 19547
Reading Pennsylvania 19601
Reading Pennsylvania 19601
Reading Pennsylvania 19601
Reading Pennsylvania 19601
Reading Pennsylvania 19604
Reading Pennsylvania 19611
Reading Pennsylvania 19602
Reading Pennsylvania 19606
Reading Pennsylvania 19605
Strausstown Pennsylvania 19555
Wernersville Pennsylvania 19565
West Reading Pennsylvania 19611

What is a court?

Courts are government institutions that administer justice in criminal and civil matters. They're mediated by one or more judges, magistrates or justices who have been appointed or elected.

Courts rely on an adversarial system of justice, which is intended to resolve disputes with fair and impartial outcomes. Their primary purpose is to decide questions of law and determine facts. Attorneys for each side present arguments and introduce evidence to support their arguments.

In some court cases, the final judgment is handed down by a jury of citizens chosen through a selection process. In other cases, a judge makes the final ruling. Cases may be heard in criminal court, civil court, or appellate court.